There are fungi at the bottom of the ocean

Ok, I don’t actually know about the bottom of the ocean, but Jullie Sarmiento-Ramirez and colleagues have shown in a recent paper that fungal pathogens are a major problem for endangered sea turtles. Two different fungi are killing baby turtles before they even leave the nest! The culprits are two species in the genus Fusarium. Fusarium are […]

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Ada Lovelace Day!

This week, we celebrate Ada Lovelace Day! Hooray! This is the day all scientists look forward to, when we get to celebrate the mutual contributions of women and men to the body of knowledge that is Science. In labs and classrooms across the world, we scientists take a break from our experiments to toast the men […]

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Irn-Bru and Hairball Diagrams

What does Irn-Bru taste like? I recently moved to Scotland, so this is a question I’ve been asking people. Sometimes they tell me it tastes like bubble gum, then someone else will argue that “Nae, it’s more like vitamins.” After a few pints, they generally all agree that “Irn-Bru tastes like Irn-Bru.” Of course, this […]

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